Bite Club: A Tale of Intrigue, Deception, and Snacks

Written byHoward Finkelstein and Ross Fletcher
September 6, 2020

Throughout FIG’s seven-year history, we’ve had our share of friendly internal debates: where to hold the summer party (Richard’s or Ted’s?), which non-dairy milk alternatives to stock (oat and almond routinely crush soy), whether it’s ok to play Nintendo on the office TV (the jury is still out). Of all the disputes, none have been as impassioned — or polarizing — as Bite Club.

What is Bite Club? Conceived in early 2019 as a nonpartisan group to select tasty, nutritious snacks for the FIG office to enjoy, it quickly morphed into a blackbox operation of warring factions and questionable prerogatives.

So, how did this good-natured initiative veer so far off course? 

After combing through hundreds of emails and conducting tens of hours of interviews, we think we’ve landed on the culprit. Watch the video above to track our investigation.

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