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Written byFIG Team
September 23, 2020

Voting by mail is not a 2020 novelty; Americans have been doing it for years.

Voting by mail is not new (Oregon, Colorado, and Washington have been doing it almost exclusively for years), but for many Americans in 2020, it is still an unfamiliar and, frankly, complicated process. Iterating on our Facts First brand story for CNN, we targeted popular misconceptions about mail-in voting by laying out the plain facts of its history and evolution. Using commemorative stamp imagery to stand in for individual states, “Stamps” speaks directly to the nuances of voting by mail across the country. Beyond the spot itself, we worked in tandem with CNN on a bespoke microsite to host state-specific voting information in a digestible format.

CNN Facts First - Stamps from FIG Agency on Vimeo.

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