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Storytelling, Not Staging: Our Approach to Influencer Marketing

Written byFIG Team
October 14, 2020

At FIG, we believe stories are the most organic and impactful way to share information and inspire people. That’s why we’re committed to raising the bar for modern storytelling. Truth drives everything we do — from how we treat our clients (and each other) to how we ideate, produce, and disseminate award-winning stories.

One extension of this mission is our approach to influencer marketing. Rather than blindly selecting influencers with the largest number of followers or the slickest Instagram feed, we select those who relate to real consumer needs, foster loyalty through community growth initiatives, and drive awareness with top-notch storytelling skills of their own. We’re not looking for figureheads to do the work for us; we’re looking for those who can amplify our great stories with the exact audiences our clients are trying to reach.

And we’ve got a proprietary platform for doing just that: Launched in 2017, Quiddity is our internal incubator for creative innovation. Conceived of as a platform to explore new content formats, it’s continually iterated to support our focus on innovative storytelling. Across themes and topics, we’ve partnered with micro and macro influencers to enliven the stories we tell — and tell stories of their own. For instance, in our Shopkeepers series for Quiddity, we profile a diverse array of small-business owners to elevate their mission, purpose, and point of view. One example of this is our ongoing partnership with Brooklyn housewares store Whisk, which provides a lens for us to view not only the retail scene, but also the evolving sociocultural landscape around it. After featuring the shop in a basic profile, we reapproached the owner to document the reality of rising rents and property taxes, and, most recently, the difficulty of staying afloat in light of the COVID-19 crisis. The connection is authentic; her reality becomes the story.

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Our passion for storytelling doesn’t end there; it’s central to all our client work. One example is our work with real estate company Two Trees. We supported the launch of 300 Ashland (a new Brooklyn apartment building) by developing Apartment Stories. Meant to disrupt the static, safe state of real-estate advertising, this immersive multimedia content series featured NYC arts and culture influencers, including writer/actress Tavi Gevinson and chef/restaurateur Seamus Mullen.

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And for organic egg brand Pete and Gerry’s, we curated a robust social presence aimed at fulfilling two client goals: convincing non-organic egg eaters to go organic, and differentiating the brand in a crowded space. We gave the mic to the owners of the small family farms that make up the brand’s network of organic egg farms across the country — then stood back and gave them the stage to tell their story. This successful campaign proved that when it comes to finding and using influencers, simplicity and authenticity create the most value — and make the most meaningful impact. 

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That’s where the FIG team comes in: We blend data and creativity to brainstorm the most compelling way to tell brand stories which create lasting impact that fosters customer trust and loyalty — then find the perfect partners to help bring it to life.

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